May 30, 2024

Unforgettable Wedding Party Favors: A Guide to Delight Your Guests

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How can you delight your wedding guests while saying thank you? With unforgettable wedding party favors of course! Don’t limit yourself to traditional wedding favors with party favors ideas like little thank-you notes wrapped in a pretty bow. There are more ways to show your loved ones how much their presence means to you and they don’t have to be a popular wedding favor idea.

In this article, The Sixpence will help you unwrap the best wedding party favors ideas that your wedding guests will take home as a little reminder of the joy they shared with you as you said “I do.”

Setting the Tone for a Memorable Celebration

Choosing wedding party favors ideas that reflect your love story or wedding theme can be the perfect way to tie everything together and create a truly unforgettable experience for everyone. We’re going to explore some fun and creative wedding favors so get ready to be inspired! Just keep in mind that wedding favor ideas are more than just a thank you, they can also set the mood for a night of fun!

Types of Wedding Party Favors

Here are some wedding favor ideas to make your guests feel truly pampered:

Edible Delights

Treat your guests to edible wedding favors that are both so sweet and cute!

Personalized Sweets

Imagine serving candy wedding favors, mini cupcakes, or cookies frosted with your initials or wedding date! They’re adorable, delicious, and totally customizable edible wedding favor ideas. Plus, who doesn’t love a sweet treat to end a magical night?

Gourmet Treats

Think mini jars of fancy jam, locally sourced honey, or a selection of artisan chocolates. These little bites of luxury are a lovely way to show your guests you appreciate the finer things in life and that they deserve a taste too!

Practical Keepsakes

Give your guests gifts they’ll both treasure and use!

Customized Glassware

Wine glasses or mason jars etched with your wedding date or a cute saying are both functional and sentimental. Every time they pour a drink, they’ll be reminded of the love and laughter they shared at your celebration.

Eco-friendly Options

Plantable seed bombs with wildflowers or little succulent pots are not only trendy but eco-conscious! They’ll bring nature to your guests’ homes and serve as a constant reminder of your special day as the plants grow.

Sentimental Tokens

Tokens that tug at your guests’ heartstrings!

Photo-based Mementos

What about mini photo frames with a picture of you and your sweetheart, or a small framed Polaroid taken at the wedding with a sweet message on the back? These personalized touches will warm their hearts and bring a smile to their faces long after the last dance.

Handwritten Notes

There’s something incredibly special about a handwritten note. Express your gratitude to each guest for celebrating with you, share a funny memory from the day, or write a heartfelt quote about love. It’s a personal touch that shows you truly care.

Be inspired to incorporate beautiful wedding stationery in your wedding party favors ideas!

Budget-Friendly Ideas

Let’s keep those adorable favors flowing without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas to show your guests you care, all while being budget-savvy on your wedding weekend.

DIY Creations

The thought really does matter! Some of the very best wedding party favors are those that make your guests know you cared enough to put your back into it.

Crafty Favor Bags

Hit up your local dollar store for cute bags or boxes. Then, unleash your inner artist! Decorate them with ribbons, twine, or even hand-painted designs that match your wedding theme. It’s a personal touch that won’t hurt your wallet.

Homemade Infusions

Skip the fancy store-bought jams and honeypots. Instead, gather your besties for a fun afternoon of infusing vinegar with fresh herbs or making your own flavored sugar scrubs. They’ll be homemade with love and way cheaper.

Affordable Store-Bought Options

Here are some clever ways to shop while finding treasures without the hefty price tag.

Thoughtful Trinkets

Think outside the box! Adorable mini notebooks, colorful bookmarks, or even fun temporary tattoos can be surprisingly affordable and the perfect wedding favor. They’re small tokens of appreciation that your guests will love.

Bargain Bulk Buys

Hit up discount stores or wholesale clubs for bulk candies, small potted succulents, or cute tea bags. By buying in larger quantities, you can often score amazing deals and still personalize them with a little DIY touch, like cute tags or stickers.

Theme-Based Favors

Let’s get thematic! When it comes to wedding favors, taking inspiration from your wedding theme can certainly tie everything together.

Destination Wedding Inspired

Think about what makes your destination unique and use that as inspiration.

Local Treats

Is your “I do” happening on a sunny beach? Treat your guests at your beach wedding to mini bottles of locally-made rum or delicious bags of exotic nuts and dried fruit. They’ll be a delicious way to savor the flavors of your special location.

Mini Travel Essentials

Getting hitched in a charming European city? Get your wedding guests adorable mini hand sanitizers in cute pouches or colorful luggage tags. They’re practical keepsakes that will remind them of your romantic adventure and maybe inspire their next trip.

Seasonal Touches

Let’s make those favors extra delightful by being inspired by the seasons! Here are some ideas to make your winter wonderland wedding or sun-kissed summer bash even more memorable.

Winter Wonderland Keepsakes

Imagine your guests leaving your wedding feeling warm and fuzzy and not just from the love in the air. Guests can cuddle up with a steaming mug of delicious hot chocolate or cocoa at home, reminiscing about your snowy celebration. Bonus points if you tie the jars with festive red and white twine!

Or cozy knit scarves that are perfect for keeping warm after the wedding. Choose a neutral color that matches your theme, or personalize them with a cute embroidered message like “Just Married” or your initials. They’ll be a practical and adorable reminder of your winter wedding.

Sunny Summer Tokens

For a summer wedding basking in the sunshine, flip flops are perfect for those post-wedding beach strolls or lounging by the pool. Pick bright and fun colors or personalize them with your wedding date. They’ll be a cheerful reminder of your summer celebration.

Personalized Party Favors

Personalize those your wedding favors! It’ll be like putting a little piece of your heart into each one and making them extra special.

Monogram Magic

Display your love in every detail of your personalized wedding favors!

Initial-Embossed Items

Think coasters, hand towels, or even little notebooks, embossed with your initials. This creates a classic and elegant look and is a subtle way to personalize your favors and a sweet reminder of your happily ever after.

Signature Fragrances

This is a unique and luxurious option! Create a custom candle scent, maybe a fresh citrus for a summer wedding or warm vanilla for a winter celebration, and have it monogrammed with your initials. It’s an indulgence your guests will adore, and every time they light the candle, they’ll be transported back to your special day.

Customized Packaging

Wrap those unique wedding favor ideas up the love!

Elegant Wrapping Ideas

Presentation is everything! Skip the boring cellophane bags and elevate your favors with beautiful tissue paper in your wedding colors or personalized stickers with your names and your wedding date. Little details like these go a long way in creating a cohesive and memorable experience for your guests.

DIY Gift Tags

You can also unleash your inner artist by crafting your own gift tags using colorful cardstock or recycled paper. Write a heartfelt message thanking your guests for celebrating with you, or include a fun quote about love. These personalized touches will add a handmade charm to your unique wedding favors.

Want some more unique ways to personalize your day? At The Sixpence, we prioritize making your wedding day an extraordinary reflection of your taste and style. From the choice of music to the selection of flowers and the crafting of specialty cocktails, every detail matters deeply to us.

Interactive and Fun Favors

Let’s get this party started with some interactive and Fun wedding party favors ideas! These are perfect for getting your guests chatting, laughing, and making memories that will last long after the wedding cake is gone.

Games and Puzzles

Spark some playful fun with games and puzzles!

Tabletop Entertainments

Grab mini Jenga sets, Rubik’s cubes, or even custom-designed playing cards featuring your wedding photo or a funny caricature of you two lovebirds. These little games are perfect for sparking some friendly competition and keeping the party lively.

Couples Trivia

This is a hilarious option for weddings with lots of couples! Create a mini trivia quiz with lighthearted questions about celebrity couples or funny relationship anecdotes. The winning couple gets bragging rights and maybe a little extra prize with your faces on it.

Photobooth Props

Strike a pose and make memories with your unique wedding favor ideas!

Quirky Accessories

Don’t be afraid to include oversized sunglasses, fun hats, or mustaches on sticks! Providing a variety of goofy props at your photo booth ensures your guests will capture some hilarious and unforgettable memories.

Polaroid Keepsakes

This is a double dose of fun and one of the best wedding favor ideas! Set up a photo booth with a Polaroid camera and let your guests snap silly pictures with the props. They can take home their instant photos as a memento of the night, and you’ll have a guest book filled with laughter and love.

Be inspired to incorporate beautiful photos in your wedding party favors ideas!

Trendy and Modern Ideas

Let’s talk about what’s hot in wedding party favors ideas. These are trendy and modern ideas that’ll have your guests saying “Wow, that’s so cool!”

Tech-Savvy Tokens

Unique wedding favors for the digital age!

USB Mixtapes

This is a blast from the past with a modern twist! Create custom playlists filled with your favorite love songs or songs that remind you of your relationship. Load them onto cute USB drives decorated with your wedding theme, and voila! A unique and tech-savvy favor your guests can enjoy for years to come.

Augmented Reality Experiences

Want to truly wow your guests? Explore the world of Augmented Reality (AR)! Work with a designer to create a custom AR experience linked to your wedding photos or venue. Guests can download an app and point their phones at specific locations to see fun animations, hidden messages, or even a 3D recreation of your first dance! It’s an interactive and unforgettable way to add some modern magic to your celebration.

Sustainable Choices

Who doesn’t love wedding favors that are kind to the planet?

Plantable Seeds

We mentioned these earlier, but they’re so trendy and good for the planet that they deserve another shout-out! Plantable seed bombs with wildflowers or little succulent pots in recycled paper containers are not only cute and eco-friendly, but they’ll also grow into a beautiful reminder of your wedding day.

Zero-Waste Options

Sing it with us, “Reduce, reuse, recycle!” Think about reusable straws made from bamboo or stainless steel, beautiful handkerchiefs in fun patterns, or even small mason jars filled with homemade treats. These favors are not only practical and trendy, but they also encourage a sustainable lifestyle, which is a major plus!

Cultural and Heritage Favors

To a lot of us, incorporating your cultural heritage or that of your partner’s is a beautiful way to share a piece of your family’s stories with your guests.

Tradition-Inspired Gifts

Share your traditions with special gifts!

Symbolic Objects

Incorporate small items that hold special meaning in your culture. For example, if you have Indian heritage, you could include hand-painted diyas (clay lamps) that symbolize light and prosperity. Or, if you have a Scandinavian background, you could give out miniature wooden dala horses, a traditional symbol of strength and good luck.

Ancestral Keepsakes

This is a truly unique and sentimental option! If you have any family heirlooms or handcrafted items that represent your heritage, consider replicating them in miniature form to give as favors. It’s a way to share a piece of your family history with your guests and create a lasting connection.

Fusion Favors

Some of the best wedding favor ideas beautifully blend both of your cultures.

Blending Cultures Creatively

Let’s say you and your partner have different cultural backgrounds, this is a perfect opportunity to celebrate your beautiful fusion. Design custom cookies that incorporate symbols from both cultures or create a playlist with music that reflects both your heritages. These blended wedding favors are a fun way to display your unique love story.

Multicultural Mementos

You could even create wedding party favors, ideas that represent the coming together of your cultures. For example, you could give out small boxes filled with traditional sweets from both your backgrounds or design coasters with a bilingual message of love. These multicultural mementos will be a cherished reminder of your special day and the beautiful union of your families.

Inclusive and Thoughtful Favors

Let’s make sure everyone feels included and celebrated with some thoughtful wedding party favors ideas.

Allergy-Friendly Options

Sweet treats for all that are both delicious and inclusive!

Nut-Free Delights

Food allergies shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying a sweet treat. Look for delicious options like gourmet popcorn, chocolate-covered dried fruit, or individually wrapped cookies made with nut-free flour. Your guests with allergies will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and everyone can enjoy a tasty party favor.

Vegan-Friendly Choices

There are so many yummy vegan options out there these days. Get some adorable mini cupcakes frosted with vegan buttercream, little jars of plant-based jams, or even packets of gourmet loose-leaf tea. These delicious and inclusive favors will ensure everyone gets a treat to remember.

Accessibility Considerations

Celebrate your love by planning around celebrating differences with thoughtful touches with wedding party favors ideas for all your guests.

Braille Tags

For visually impaired guests, consider adding Braille tags to your wedding favors. These tags can include your names, wedding date, or a simple “thank you” message. It’s a small detail that shows you care and makes everyone feel welcome at your celebration.

Sensory-Friendly Items

For guests with sensory issues, consider offering calming or fidgety toys as favors. These could be small stress balls, squishy toys, or even noise-cancelling headphones. It’s a thoughtful way to show you understand their needs and want them to feel comfortable throughout the celebration.

These are a lot of typically unusual elements to consider. Don’t fret, you’re in good hands! The Sixpence Creative team specializes in wedding details, creating aesthetic and accessible wedding experiences. We design inspiration for our couples to appreciate the beauty in all things.

Presentation and Display Ideas

Let’s make those wedding party favors ideas shine with some presentation and display ideas that jive with your wedding aesthetic.

Stunning Favor Displays

Display your picture-perfect wedding party favors ideas!

Table Centerpieces

Turn your favors into mini works of art! Arrange them on a beautifully decorated table with candles, flowers, or any other decorative elements that match your wedding theme. It’ll add a pop of color and personality to your reception space, and your favors will be the center of attention!

Interactive Favor Stations

Want to add a playful element? Set up different stations with various wedding favors throughout your reception area. Guests can wander around and pick their favorites, making it a fun and interactive experience. Think of it like a DIY candy bar, but way more elegant.

Packaging Tips

Package those wedding party favors with pizazz and pretty up those presents!

Coordinated Colors

Remember those adorable favor bags or boxes you found? Elevate them to the next level by using ribbons, twine, or even fabric scraps in colors that match your wedding theme. A little burst of color goes a long way in creating a cohesive and visually stunning display.

Elegant Display Boxes

For a more sophisticated touch, consider using clear display boxes or decorative baskets. These will keep your favors protected and add a touch of class to your presentation. You can even personalize them with a cute tag or sticker with your initials or wedding date.

Timing and Distribution

Now that you’ve crafted the perfect wedding party favors ideas, let’s get into when and how to hand them out to your guests!

Perfect Moments for Gifting

There can be multiple perfect times to give a gift of love!

Reception Entrance

Greet your guests with a little pre-celebration treat and set up a basket of favors near the reception entrance. It’s a lovely way to say “welcome” and get everyone in the mood for a fun-filled evening.

End-of-Event Surprises

Traditionally, favors are handed out as guests are leaving the dance floor after the reception. It serves as a sweet “thank you” for celebrating your special day and a little reminder to take a piece of the love home with them.

Distribution Etiquette

Here’s how to send your guests off with love!

Personalized Handouts

For a more heartfelt touch, consider handing out the favors yourselves as guests leave. It’s a great opportunity to thank them individually for coming and sharing a quick conversation. Those extra few moments will make your guests feel truly appreciated.

Bridal Party Gift Exchange

Your awesome bridesmaids and groomsmen deserve a special thank you too! Present them with their favors in a separate, more personalized way. You could hand them out during a toast or exchange them during a private moment before the reception kicks off.


Remember, your wedding favors are a sweet “thank you” to the people who matter most. By choosing something special and presenting it with love, you’ll create lasting memories for your guests and send them off with a smile.

Now go forth and conquer the world of wedding party favors ideas – we know you’ll create something amazing! And if it even begins to get daunting The Sixpence and our preferred vendors are here to help!

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