December 15, 2023

The Wedding Planning Alphabet Pt. 2


Wedding planning doesn’t have to be a stress-fest! Reference our Wedding Planning Alphabet Part 1 and tonight’s part 2 to brush up on useful terminology and phrases you’ll find come in handy when planning your celebration.

N – Naked cake – A style of cake that omits the majority of outer frosting, leaving you with a unique natural finish. This style of cake has been around for centuries, but popularity has soared in recent years!

Photo 1 and 3 couple: Addie + Colton, captured by Monica Brown Photography | Photo 2 couple: Marie-Claire + Adam, captured by Emma Knutson

O – Open bar – When bar service has been pre-paid by the host. At The Sixpence, we create completely custom bar hosting options, allowing you to give your guest the open bar experience with as wide or customized a selection as you choose!

Photo from Daniella + Garret’s day, captured by Bri Burton Photo

P – Place cards – Used to indicate guests’ pre-arranged seat during your reception. Place cards coordinate with either your escort cards or seating chart and include your guests’ name and sometimes table number and entrĂ©e selection. Place cards are used if you have a preference of individual seating arrangements per table. If you choose to skip place cards for your entire guest party, consider including them for your head table to ensure seating is how you like it for photos, etc.!

Q – Quiet moment – In a hectic and exciting day, it’s easy to get swept away and forget to take a breather. A quiet moment during your wedding day could be a moment before, or directly after, your vows, a private dance at the end of the night, or a quick 5 minute break to check in with your person. We highly recommend purposefully building a quiet moment into your wedding day, to truly enjoy and embrace your celebration!

Photo 1 couple: Allison + Trevor, captured by Kristen Van Gilse | Photo 2 + 3 couple: Abigail + Noah, captured by Sarah Elizabeth Photos

R – Registry – Your wedding registry is an opportunity to compile helpful, essential, and desired items to help start your new life as a couple. It’s essentially a wish list a to-be-wed couple compiles at the beginning of their planning journey that helps guide loved ones as they seek to bless the newlyweds! There are many great platforms to build your registry. Some we recommend are Zola and The Knot Registry, as they allow your lists to be centralized to avoid duplicate purchases and coordinate direct gift shipping to your given address. You can also use these platforms to start a Honeymoon/Home Fund, if opting for your own spending choices is a better fit for you.

Photo 1 couple: Anna + Josh, captured by Emma Knutson | Photo 2 couple: Baylee + Andrew, captured by Holly Lea Photography | Photo 3 couple: Allison + Trevor, captured by Kristen Van Gilse

S – Signature cocktails – signature cocktail features are a memorable and easy way to personalize your day. Whether you’re hosting a full open, partially hosted, or cash/CC bar, you can feature signature cocktails through your signage for the day. Chat with your Sixpence manager to plan unforgettable signature cocktails during your celebration with us.

Photo 1 couple: Abigail + Noah, captured by: Sarah Elizabeth Photos | Photo 2 couple: Courtney + Kyle, captured by: Snapshots by Sally Jane | Photo 3 couple: Alex + Lane, captured by: SS Photographs

T – Tablescape – The decor compiling table arrangements, typically made up of multiple elements like candles, florals, signage, etc. Tablescapes are the perfect way to echo your wedding celebration’s palette, look, and feel in a way that will be appreciated by every guest and enhance every snapshot from your party.

Photo 1 couple: Anna + Josh, captured by Emma Knutson | Photo 2 couple: Vissna + Vichiny, captured by Bella Roark Photography | Photo 3 couple: Baylee + Andrew, captured by Holly Lea Photography

U – Uplighting – Typically provided through your DJ or production/design vendor, uplighting helps set the ambiance for your celebration, especially when the sun goes down and the dance floor lights up.

Photo 1 couple: Greer + Jason, captured by Amavi | Photo 2 couple: Josiane + Charles, captured by Rachel Nessia Photography | Photo 3 couple: Abigail + Noah, captured by Sarah Elizabeth Photos

Photos of Emma + Zach’s day by Capturing Simplicity

V – Votives – Petite candles, typically placed inside a small glass cup or vase. Votives can enhance your tablescapes or compliment other elements of your party, like your guestbook table or seating chart area.

W – White tie – The most formal dress attire. For men, this means white bowties and jackets with tails, and for women, evening gowns. White tie attire is also referred to as “full evening dress.”

Your day should be an experience that celebrates and reflects your love story. Whether that means including all of your favorite traditions or going completely unique with your party, we’re here to support you!

Ready to start planning an unforgettable day? Book a Complimentary Private Tour Today, or visit us at our January 20th Open House, 4 – 8 pm at The Sixpence!

Addie + Colton by Monica Brown Photography

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