September 21, 2023

3 Wedding Aesthetics We Can’t Get Enough Of


We’ve put together 3 aesthetic detail collections we’re in love with, featuring snapshots from real Sixpence weddings. The end of this blog features NEW SWEATSHIRTS!!

Photo by Alexis Fox Photography

We’ve seen so many beautiful and thoughtful celebrations, all filled with small details and bold choices we love. Some styles we’ve noticed and fallen in love with include warm sunset tones, unforgettable flash photography, and elegant black + whites.

Watercolor Sunset

Sun-soaked corners, bright and playful details, and swapping dark neutrals for shades of light blue

Photo 1 by Alexis Fox | Photo 2 by Emma Knutson | Photo 3 by Marissa Wiley

Old School Feel

Flash photos, classic hair and gown silhouettes, retro accessories, and playful reception lights

Photo 1 by Avery Troxel | Photos 2,3 by Emma Knutson

Timeless Details

Thoughtful personalized touches, crisp black and white elements, memorable seating charts

Photo 1 by Danielle Harris | Photo 2 by LNM Photography | Photo 3 by Amavi Luxury Wedding Studios

These photos are from real Sixpence weddings!

Elizabeth + Garrett | Shot by Alexis Fox Photography

Marie-Claire + Adam | Shot by Emma Knutson Photography

Katie + Nick | Shot by Marissa Wiley Photography

Sarah + Jack | Shot by Avery Troxel Photography

Alex + Adam | Shot by Danielle Harris Photography

Amerae + Eric | Shot by LNM Photography

Greer + Jason | Shot by Amavi Luxury Wedding Studios


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