June 29, 2023

Engagement Parties: The Ultimate Guide

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Photos in today’s blog: Snapshots by Sally Jane of Maria & Adam’s day

So you just got engaged – Congratulations!

Planning an engagement party is the perfect way to kick off planning + celebrating this next chapter of your life. You can keep it simple, or go luxe. We’re sharing some tips, considerations, etiquette, and advice on when, where, and how to best host the perfect engagement party.

Etiquette: Who hosts and plans?

Traditionally, engagement parties are hosted by the bride’s parents, but anyone can step up and plan this celebration! Whether it’s a group of friends, family, or the couple themselves, engagement parties can be hosted by anyone excited to celebrate the upcoming “I do’s”!

When to Host an Engagement Party

Engagement parties should be hosted relatively soon after getting engaged. This means in the few weeks or months after the question is popped. Having more than one engagement party is common, especially if the couple is from different areas.

Who to Invite

Etiquette rules say anyone invited to pre-wedding events must also be invited to the wedding. In other words, this party should be your nearest and dearest friends and family, if planned by the couple or parents. If, however, you’re doing a casual gathering, larger groups are okay. For example, post-work drinks don’t obligate you to invite all your coworkers to the wedding.

How to Invite

You can opt for print or digital invitations for your engagement party. E-vites especially make sense if a friend is hosting, as it allows easy communication and no print costs. You can include your website link to your registry, but remember that engagement party gifts are not expected of guests!

Key Steps to Planning an Engagement Party

  1. Decide who’s hosting – Whether it’s you and your fiancĂ©, your best friend, your grandparents, or your partner’s parents; anyone can plan and/or pay for the engagement party. You may opt to work with a professional if you go all out, and we’d highly recommend using this event to connect with your wedding planner! Some of our favorites include London Bloom Weddings, Lori Anne Events, and Thoughtfully Designed Co.
  2. Pick a date – Opt to celebrate within a few weeks or months of engagement while the excitement is fresh and before the thick of wedding planning stress hits!
  3. Choose a venue – Engagement parties can be big or small, formal or casual, creative or traditional. Pick a venue that works well for your vision. If you’re hosting an intimate group, you could host in someone’s home; if you’re keeping it simple, a restaurant private room would work well. At The Sixpence, you can host a casual party in The Workshop; a dreamy intimate dinner in the gardens; or a fully designed affair in The Sixpence Barn.
  4. Send invitations – Invites should go out at least 1 month before the party date, and with a clear RSVP. As far as themes, your engagement party doesn’t have to reflect your wedding day design – you can get creative/seasonal depending on your vision. If you’re hosting a winter 2024 wedding, consider hosting a summer engagement party, filled with seasonal blooms and bites!
  5. Plan the menu – If you’re serving alcohol, you should plan to serve food of some kind. Maybe you’re looking at hosting an evening cocktail party with champagne sips and passed apps; a casual night around the fire with flatbread pizzas, beer, and seltzers; or a family-style dinner service with wine.
  6. Set the scene – Create a beautiful setting for your engagement party with purposeful lighting, floral, and decor. We recommend working with a great intimate space designer like Uncommonly Styled, Thoughtfully Designed (planning + design!), or Violet Vintage. Setup a photo space for beautiful captures of guests, and work with a DJ or your designer for mood-setting uplighting or twinkle lights.
  7. Choose an outfit – Now for the fun part! You can go with a variety of styles for this occasion, depending on the feel of your event. Visit our bridal style blog for some inspiration, and remember to coordinate with your S/O for memorable and beautiful photos!

However you choose to celebrate your engagement, we encourage you to make choices that are the perfect fit for you as a couple, and a genuine reflection of your story!

If you’re interested in hosting at The Sixpence, contact hello@thesixpence.com or Book a Private Tour today!

Photos in today’s blog: Snapshots by Sally Jane of Maria & Adam’s day

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