March 20, 2023

Weekday Weddings: Why They’re the Best Day of the Week to Get Married


When we think of weddings, we typically picture a stunning ceremony on a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon, followed by a reception overflowing with music and merriment that lasts long into the night.

However, in recent times, more and more couples are electing to exchange their vows on a weekday instead. A weekday wedding is any wedding that happens on a day other than the weekend. Although this development may appear to be unconventional, there are actually several reasons why weekday weddings are receiving more accolades.

In this blog, we will look at the advantages of having a weekday wedding and present substantial evidence as to why it might just be the perfect day of the week for you to tie the knot.

Cost Savings

One of the most important benefits of selecting a weekday wedding is the remarkable potential cost savings. Venues and vendors tend to give substantial discounts to couples that choose to exchange their vows on a weekday.

For instance, a venue may charge significantly less for hosting a wedding on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday wedding. Saturdays are usually in high demand for weddings, and venues can charge more for booking their services. By having a weekday wedding, you can save quite a bit of money on your wedding venue and vendors. Overall you should know how much wedding venues cost.

Weekday weddings can also help you and your guests save money by incurring lower travel expenses. If you’re planning a destination wedding, airfares and accommodations will usually be less expensive on weekdays than on weekends. This can help you save a lot of money on travel costs, which can considerably benefit couples and their guests.

Lastly, weekday weddings tend to have lower food and beverage costs. Catering companies may provide lower rates for weekdays, and several venues may offer discounted food and beverage packages too.

So this is the best option if you have a tight wedding budget.

Availability of Vendors

First Class Designs

Another significant advantage of weekday weddings is the higher availability of vendors. Because Saturdays are in high demand for weddings (especially during peak wedding season), many vendors are booked months or even years in advance for weekend weddings. However, vendors are often more available on weekdays, which means you’ll have a wider selection to choose from and a better chance of booking your first-choice vendors.

Also, vendors may be more flexible with their schedules for weekday weddings. For example, a design vendor who is already booked for a weekend wedding may be able to work with you on a weekday instead. This can be particularly beneficial if you have your heart set on working with a specific vendor who is already booked on weekends.

Plus, having your special day on the weekend can give you the chance to work with more in-demand vendors. Some vendors, such as florists or wedding planners, may have more availability during the week, which means you can work with a wedding vendor who may not be available for weekend weddings.

Now, you can enjoy a beautiful evening ceremony with everything you ever wanted.

More Intimate Celebration

As the soon-to-be-wedded couple, if you’re seeking a more intimate wedding celebration, a midweek wedding may be an impeccable choice for you. Since weekday weddings are not as popular as weekend weddings, most guests may not be able to attend due to work or other commitments, especially if it’s a destination event. Despite this, it can actually work in your favor, enabling you to have a more intimate celebration with a smaller guest list, which is great for you.

A smaller guest list also translates to more quality time with your beloved friends and family. You won’t feel hurried or inundated by a large swarm of people, and you can dedicate more time to connect with every guest, creating a more individualized and personalized experience for everyone involved.

Unique Venue Options

Opting for a weekday wedding can offer several unique venue options that may not be available on weekends. Non-traditional venues such as museums, art galleries, or even private homes, are often more willing to host events on weekdays than on weekends.

Or you can use a purpose-built, off-the-beaten-track wedding venue to create a truly unique and unforgettable wedding experience for your guests. Plus with an indoor-outdoor venue, you can take advantage of the beautiful weather after to tie in the experience of a tear-jerking ceremony.

This can give you the golden chance to show off your creativity and personal style in a distinctive and unforgettable setting.

Moreover, choosing a weekday date can offer you more flexibility in choosing the venue of your dreams. If you have your heart set on a specific venue for your special day but it’s booked for the weekends, a weekday wedding can be the ideal answer. This can help you get married at the location of your dreams without needing to wait for months or maybe years for a weekend date to pop up.

Less Stressful Planning

Planning a wedding can be stressful, and finding the perfect date can be a challenge. However, by choosing a weekday wedding, you’ll have less competition for dates and more flexibility in your planning timeline. You won’t have to worry about competing with other couples for your dream venue or vendor, and you’ll have more time to plan the details of your celebration.

In addition, weekday weddings allow you to break away from traditional wedding expectations. You won’t feel the pressure to conform to a specific timeline or style, giving you the freedom to plan a celebration that truly reflects your personality and style.

Guest Experience

Another advantage of weekday weddings is the guest experience. While some guests may find it challenging to attend a wedding during the work week, others may appreciate the flexibility in scheduling. Guests may be able to take a day off work to attend your wedding, or they may be able to plan a long weekday getaway around your celebration.

In addition, a weekday wedding can offer a memorable experience for your guests. Your wedding may be the only event they attend that week, giving them the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the dreamy wedding celebration. And because weekday weddings may be less common, your guests may be more likely to remember your special day.

Potential Challenges

Although weekday weddings come with numerous advantages, they may also pose some challenges. One potential challenge is that guests may need to take time off from work to attend your special day. This might be especially challenging for some guests who have limited vacation time or inflexible work schedules.

In addition, the logistics for out-of-town guests can be more demanding for weekday weddings. Guests may need to take time off work or make arrangements for child care to attend your wedding. Further, travel and accommodations during the week can be more expensive.

Lastly, some vendors may have limited availability for weekday weddings, particularly if they work part-time or have other commitments during the week. This can restrict your choices in terms of selecting vendors for your wedding celebration.

Planning Tips

If you’re planning a weekday wedding, here are some tips to help you overcome potential challenges:

Give Guests Ample Notice

Giving your guests as much advance notice as possible is a must for weekday weddings. Send out save-the-date cards at least six months in advance, and consider following up with a reminder a few weeks before your celebration. You should also know how far in advance to book your wedding.

Consider Scheduling the Ceremony and Reception Later in the Day

Scheduling your celebration later in the day can make it easier for guests to attend. This can give them time to wrap up work or other commitments before heading to your celebration.

Provide Travel and Accommodation Recommendations for Out-of-Town Guests

Make it easy for your out-of-town guests to attend your celebration by providing recommendations for travel and accommodations. Consider negotiating group rates with hotels or offering a shuttle service to and from the venue.

Have An Unforgettable Weekday Wedding Experience at The Sixpence

Weekday weddings provide numerous advantages that make them a superb choice for couples that desire a more personalized and intimate celebration.

From cost savings to unique venue options, weekday weddings offer you the chance to break free from conventional wedding expectations and design a memorable celebration that truly represents your personality and style.

Although they might pose a few challenges, proper planning, and communication can ensure that your special day can be an amazing way to celebrate your love with your dear ones.

The Sixpence is the top-ranking purpose-built wedding venue in Indiana and is dedicated to making your special day the unique and perfect celebration you have always dreamed of. Book a tour today to get started!

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