October 20, 2022

8 Dreamy Features to Consider on Your Wedding Day

Ideas + Inspiration

There are always new and beautiful trends being introduced to the wedding scene. Today, we wanted to highlight just a few of the cool and memorable features we’ve seen:

  1. A Pre-Ceremony Glass of Bubbly

Most guests are familiar with the unspoken rule of arriving with plenty of time to get settled before the bride walks down the aisle. Champagne walls are a great way to offer guests a celebratory sip to grab before finding their seats and waiting for the ceremony to begin!

  1. A Dress Change

Adore your wedding gown, but hesitant to party through the reception and risk a spill or being uncomfortable? Consider a dress change on your wedding day! Swap your floor-length gown for something short and fun, try a bold jumpsuit look, or even a two-piece set to mix it up and be comfortable for the rest of your celebration!

Some of our favorite brands for your second look: 

Beyond the comfort aspect, you may want to bring another dress that’s meaningful for you to incorporate in your wedding day. Pauline chose to change into a beautiful traditional Thai wedding dress for some of her photos!

  1. An Unforgettable Getaway

At The Sixpence, we’ve seen such a fun variety of getaway rides – from a motorcycle, to a fire truck, to a Rolls Royce, and more. Even as you exit your celebration, consider the opportunity to reflect your love story and new life together with your ride!

4. Late Night Snacks

So, your guests eat dinner after your ceremony, then watch dances and speeches and continue drinking and dancing well into the evening. Chances are, after a while, the snack cravings will start. Be the host of everyone’s dreams by anticipating this and planning late night snacks to be set out later into the night!

  1. Customized Accessories

There are so many unique options for wedding party gifts. Whether you gift the groomsmen each an engraved rocks glass or a pair of socks with the groom’s face on them (we’ve seen it, it’s hilarious), gifting a customized item for the wedding party makes a big impression and ensures they’ll remember your day fondly and forever!

  1. A Furry Flower Girl/Boy

Include your canine or feline friend in your special day! We recommend having a dedicated caretaker to take care of all the animal needs, but having a furry wedding party member is cute and memorable. At The Sixpence, we welcome you to have your pet be a part of your day!

  1. Disposable Cameras for Guests

Your photographer will capture tons of beautiful moments from your day, but there’s simply no way they’ll be able to photograph every moment of your celebration. Leaving a few disposable cameras around your ceremony and/or reception allows guests to snap fun and sweet photos you might otherwise miss. What a fun surprise for you to enjoy when you get them developed!

  1. A Private Last Dance

Finish the night with a private last dance for just you and your person! You can plan with your coordinator to have guests exit the main celebration space and prep for the grand exit, or you can slip away to a private area with just your new spouse (and photographer, if you choose). A private last dance is a special way to end your wedding day with a touch of seclusion and romance.

Whatever special features you decide to include on your wedding day, The Sixpence team is here to support your dreams becoming reality!

Ready to envision your celebration at The Sixpence? We’d love have you out for a private tour!

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