June 11, 2024

The Sixpence Celebrates 3 Years!


Photo 1 captured by Courtney Rudicel | Photo 2 captured by Rachael Kazmier Photography

A letter to you, in celebration of our 3rd Anniversary, from Shelby Dempsey

A hush falls over the space as the doors swing open for the bride about to walk down the aisle. It’s as if the whole world (and I with it) holds its breath for one single sacred moment. The flurry of getting ready has subsided, final details have been set, the music hits its crescendo, and then…and THEN, as she takes her first steps down the aisle, the room feels as though it may burst with joy. I’ve watched this moment, and felt it, hundreds of times, but the goosebumps still fly across my skin and tears prick my eyes every time. 

I found myself crying (and I mean really crying) when I dropped by The Sixpence to check on a wedding recently. I’d walked through the kitchen door and been in the space for all of 5 minutes when I heard the DJ announce the father-daughter dance. I stood behind the bar, washing glassware with big fat tears rolling down my face for people I didn’t really know. 

That’s the thing I love about this universal human experience: all the beautiful emotions represented on a day as important and precious as your wedding day are felt in some way by the team that has the joy of helping you put it on. 

The Sixpence team may not always know the significance behind every moment of your wedding day…We may not know that the song you walked down the aisle to was the one you heard the night you knew you loved him. We might not see the miles traveled by your best friend from across the country to stand next to you or know how much you wish your grandma was here to see you today, a piece of her wedding dress sewn to your hem. Our bar crew won’t always know that the wine they’re pouring tonight was the one you drank the day you said yes to marrying the love of your life…But we feel it all—the love, the loss, the profound joy. 

When it comes down to it, weddings are for love and loved ones. When we look around the room at your many guests, we may not know how important each one of them is to you and why, but we care deeply that they are. There are few days in your life when all the people you love most in the world will all be in one room, and we are honored (and emotional, frankly) to be a small piece of creating that experience for you. 

Captured by Katherine Mei Photography

As we come up on 3 years of The Sixpence being open, the weight and responsibility are not lost on me. There’s a gravitas that comes with the honor of being the place where couples say their vows and dance the night away with all their favorite people. Anyone can tip up 4 walls and say they host weddings, but it’s always been more than that to me. For myself and The Sixpence team, we want to take your most precious moments into our hands and say “We will take care of this for you.” 

The Sixpence is much more than just a building, and we never could have imagined the way our space has become enriched by the memories and moments you’ve brought to us. 

It’s important work to us, creating a sanctuary for your most treasured memories. And when the venue is closed up each night — the guests are gone, the couple is off in their getaway car and the team has gone home — if you stand right in the middle of the room and close your eyes for one quiet moment, I swear you can feel the echoes of laughter and love our space held that day.

Thank you for 3 years, lovebirds. Your joy is mine too. 

Captured by Katherine Mei Photography

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Experience the joy and magic with us tomorrow, Thursday, June 13th, for our Summer Open House. Kindly RSVP for an evening of light bites, signature cocktails, property tours, live music, vendor showcases, & more!

Celebrate our 3 years with us, and enter for a chance to win a WEDDING at The Sixpence! Winner announced on our anniversary, June 18th, xoxo good luck!

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