May 23, 2024

Honeymooners Handbook Vol. 3

Ideas + Inspiration

Honeymoon Planning Timeline

Organizing and planning the perfect honeymoon is no small feat, especially when planning a wedding at the same time! We’re here with the essential Honeymoon Planning Timeline to make sure your trip is seamless + unforgettable.


$$$ SET A BUDGET – When setting a budget, primary considerations should include location (or excursion if you’re thinking of an all-inclusive resort or cruise), flights, meals, lodging, length of stay, and priority luxuries.

THE LOGISTICS – As you’re setting your budget, logistics of Where, When, and How Long will come up. You’ll want to decide if you’re traveling right after your grand exit or waiting a few months. You should decide on the duration, and of course which season to visit your desired location.

PICK A DESTINATION – Whether you’re dreaming of an all-inclusive stay in the tropics, an adventure in the great outdoors, a lowkey getaway to a meaningful locale, or a European tour, your honeymoon destination should be a spot you’re both excited to visit. Pick a place you know will set the ambiance for a time of connection and love!

Need inspiration? Check out some of our favorite honeymoon locales here.


HONEYMOON REGISTRY – Add your honeymoon registry or fund to your wedding website, this gives enough time for guests to have the opportunity to contribute to giving you the honeymoon of your dreams!

BOOK YOUR TRAVEL –  Once you’ve selected your destination, check out available transportation options and plan accordingly. Book your tickets in advance to lock in prices and selections!

BOOK YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS – Once you’ve decided on a location, determined the ideal time to visit, and confirmed your travel dates, it’s time to narrow down your accommodation options. Depending on your destination and itinerary, you’ll want to confirm bookings for experiential or private resorts, luxury hotels, or cozy AIRBNB stays.


PASSPORT RENEWAL – If you’re planning to leave the country for your honeymoon, make sure you either apply for a passport or verify that your current one doesn’t need renewal.

TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS – Depending on your honeymoon destination, consider travel requirements and guidelines, like obtaining a visa, getting required vaccinations, familiarizing yourself with local road rules, etc. Be sure to notify your bank of planned travel to avoid issues with paying when abroad!

RESEARCH + CREATE ITINERARY – Once your honeymoon plans are finalized, research what makes your chosen location or resort unique, and build your itinerary! Whether you’re interested in mountain biking, snorkeling, or sharing a special meal, thorough research and advance booking of activities and reservations are essential. By securing your spots in advance, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience once you arrive at your destination.


FINAL PAYMENTS – As your honeymoon approaches, typically a few months out, it’s crucial to finalize payments. Whether you’re on a payment plan, need to reserve with your card, or budget for excursions, take care of these arrangements or note payment due dates now.

TRAVEL + PACKING ORDERS – Research outfits and essentials, then make a packing list. Reviewing it helps identify needed items or special pieces to order before your trip.


PACK FOR YOUR TRIP – With one week until your honeymoon, finalize your packing list. Confirm bag allowance and begin packing items you won’t need for the following week. Packing in advance will allow for a smooth departure.

Our tip: create a complete packing list and check off items once packed away.

OUR FAVORITE PACKING ITEMS – “BRIDE” purses and bags (the cutest to wear out to lunch or the beach), an embroidered pajama set, an Apple Tag or other tracking device, packing organization, and The Sixpence Honeymooners Crewneck.

RELAX + CELEBRATE – As your wedding draws near and honeymoon prep is done, focus on your wedding week. Cherish this time together, relax, and savor the seamless transition from your wedding to your much-anticipated honeymoon.

Postponing the Honeymoon

Some couples delay their honeymoon, choosing a mini-moon instead. It’s a lovely way to celebrate together, enjoying a brief getaway to mark your special day before the full honeymoon.

When planning a mini-moon, you won’t need as much time to prepare for the weekend getaway. Consider selecting a hotel or Airbnb not too far from home, and create a small itinerary featuring popular spots to enjoy a romantic meal, partake in local excursions, and celebrate being newlyweds!

Interested in planning an Indiana mini-moon? Check out our Into Indy: Guide with City of Shay

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