March 16, 2024

The Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit Guide


Let’s be honest, with all the hustle and bustle of your big day, there’s got to be a little swag bag of magic, just in case. This is where your wedding day emergency kit comes in. Think of it like having that sassy, resourceful bestie by your side, equipped with goodies to tackle any mishap. From a sudden headache, or a tiny tear in your dress, to a smudged mascara – this kit is your secret weapon to keeping those wedding day jitters at bay. Because really, having a backup plan sets the tone for a relaxing, laughter-filled day where you’re genuinely present, soaking in every beautiful moment. Trust us, a little prep can mean a world of difference for a stress-free celebration. Let’s get you all set to create that perfect wedding day emergency kit, shall we?

Essential Clothing Items

No matter how meticulously planned, there’s always a chance for an unforeseen wardrobe malfunction on your wedding day. But don’t worry, with these essential clothing items in your wedding day emergency kit, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Bride’s Wardrobe

The bride’s dress is the centerpiece of the wedding day ensemble, and any unexpected mishap can cause major stress. But fear not, with these quick fixes in your wedding day emergency kit, you’ll be ready for anything.

  • A sewing kit with needles, thread, and safety pins will come in handy for any loose buttons or tears in the dress.
  • Double-sided tape can save the day if straps are slipping or if you need to quickly fix a hemline.
  • A stain remover pen can be a lifesaver for any spills or stains on your dress throughout the day.

Groom’s Wardrobe

The groom may not have as many clothing items to worry about compared to the bride, but that doesn’t mean he should neglect to prepare for any potential wardrobe malfunctions.

  • A lint roller can come in handy for any last-minute lint or pet hair on the suit.
  • Safety pins and clear tape can be used to fix any tears or loose buttons on the suit.
  • A tie clip can prevent the tie from getting in the way during photos or while eating.

Also, looking polished and put together is important for both the bride and groom on their big day. Make sure to include these grooming essentials in your emergency kit.

  • Hair gel or pomade to keep the groom’s hair in place, especially if it’s an indoor-outdoor wedding.
  • Breath mints or mouthwash for freshening up before the first kiss and throughout the day.
  • A small comb or brush for any stray hairs or touch-ups.

Bridal Party

The bridal party plays a significant role in making sure everything runs smoothly on the wedding day. Here are some items to consider including in your wedding day emergency kit for them.


For the bridesmaid:

  • Extra bobby pins and hair ties for any last-minute hairstyle changes or fixes.
  • Stain remover sticks for any spills or stains on their dresses.
  • Blotting papers or powder to combat any oily skin throughout the day.


For the groomsmen:

  • Razor and shaving cream for any missed spots or last-minute touch-ups.
  • Deodorant to stay fresh throughout the day.
  • Sewing kit for any wardrobe malfunctions like a loose button or torn pocket.

Beauty and Personal Care

A successful wedding day beauty routine hinges on the essentials that keep you looking flawless from dawn till dusk. As you enter the joy of matrimony, it’s imperative to look and feel your absolute best.  Here’s our guide to ensuring your beauty and allure shine ceaselessly throughout your magical day.

Makeup Must-Haves

For the essentials, keeping a compact kit for on-the-go touch-ups will guarantee your makeup remains fresh and radiant all through the celebration. Items like powder, lipstick, and concealer are must-haves. Don’t forget to weather-proof your look with products designed to withstand the elements, ensuring your beauty remains unblemished, come rain or shine.

Hair Care

It’s not only your makeup that needs to remain perfect – your hairstyle does too. Include your trusted styling tools and hair products to maintain your carefully crafted coiffure from the first photo to the last dance. Also, have hairpins, elastics, and a mini hairspray on hand to quickly fix any stray strands or unexpected misadventures in hairstyling.

Health and Wellness

Amid the whirlwind of your wedding, staying sprightly and serene is just as crucial as looking stunning. Let’s talk about keeping your health and heartiness in cheery shape, so you can sashay down the aisle with the zest of a blissful bride.

First Aid Essentials

A tiny mishap shouldn’t be a cause for a bridal SOS. Keep a mini kit of first aid essentials to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your relentless radiance.

Pain Relief Options

From headaches to high-heel aches, have your go-to pain relief options such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen at hand – because nothing should dampen your nuptial glow.

Hydration and Nutrition

In the euphoria of ‘I dos’ and heartfelt toasts, don’t forget to fuel the joyous journey with ample hydration and wholesome nibbles. Stash a water bottle and a snack pack brimming with light bites to keep you poised. Stay hydrated and nibble away those butterflies in your belly. Plus, you should keep some energy boosters like granola bars or dark chocolate within reach. They’re a perfect pick-me-up to keep your energy twinkling as bright as your smile.

Tech and Connectivity

Let’s be real, we can’t live without technology these days. And on your big day, you don’t want to be caught with a low battery or no way to communicate. So let’s talk about some tech essentials that will keep you connected and worry-free.

Phone Charger

Don’t fall victim to the dreaded low battery on your wedding day! Make sure to pack a phone charger, whether it’s a traditional wall adapter or a portable one. Keep your phone charged and ready for all those Instagram-worthy moments.

Portable Chargers

For maximum convenience, invest in a portable charger that you can easily slip into your clutch or pocket. These mini power packs can give your phone a quick boost when you’re on the go and don’t have access to an outlet.

Emergency Contact List

Make sure to have a list of emergency contacts handy, including phone numbers for your wedding planner or vendors. Our team at The Sixpence curated our Wedding Day Alphabet Guides which include helpful tips and resources to help you manage wedding day stress.

Group Chat

Create a group chat with your wedding party and immediate family members to keep everyone on the same page. This can be especially helpful for coordinating arrival times, getting ready plans, and any last-minute updates or changes.

Stress-Relief Items

As your wedding day unfolds, it’s important to keep a serene and peaceful oasis within reach. Stress-relief items are not just thoughtful additions, they’re essential tools to help you glide through the day with grace and ease. From soothing lavender-scented sachets to the soft embrace of a plush throw, these items promise to be silent guardians of your tranquility.

Aromatherapy Essentials

It’s no secret that the right scent can transform your mood. Tuck a little lavender sachet into your wedding clutch or have a diffuser with calming essential oils like chamomile or bergamot in your getting-ready room. These natural wonders work like a charm to soothe anxious feelings and keep you feeling grounded.

Relaxation Techniques

Let’s not forget that taking a moment for some deep breathing or a quick meditative session can do wonders. Whether it’s a few minutes of yoga or a short guided meditation you can access from your phone, these strategies can help keep you calm and carry you blissfully down the aisle.

Seating and Posture

When it comes to those moments where you can sit down, make sure you’re doing it in style and comfort. Opt for plush cushions on your ceremony chairs and choose seating that makes you feel like a queen without compromising on comfort.

Posture is everything – it’s the secret ingredient to those picture-perfect photos. Practice sitting and standing with your shoulders back and your spine straight leading up to the wedding. Remember, a great posture is not just healthy, it also exudes confidence and grace on your special day.

Weather Contingencies

Let’s discuss ensuring Mother Nature doesn’t throw a wrench in our plans. Whether she brings a downpour or a heat wave, we’ve got insider tips to keep you dazzling and composed.

Rainy Day Preparations

Who says rain on your wedding day isn’t lucky? With the right gear, it can be utterly romantic and picture-perfect.  Arm your wedding party with stylish umbrellas and chic ponchos that complement your color scheme. Not only will you ensure everyone stays dry, but you’ll also add a unique touch to the day’s look. Think of those adorable rainy snapshots that’ll pepper your photo album!

Also, peace of mind comes when you know your venue has got you covered—literally. Check in advance what the venue’s weather contingencies are. Whether it’s moving the ceremony indoors or having elegant canopies on standby, ensure there’s a seamless Plan B that keeps the festivities flowing without a hitch.

Don’t let the weather dictate the magic of your wedding day. At The Sixpence, our purpose-built venue seamlessly blends indoor elegance with the charm of outdoor beauty, ensuring your special day is exquisite come rain or shine. Revel in the peace of mind that our versatile space provides, and say “I do” with a picturesque backdrop that adapts to nature’s whims.

Photography, Film, and Memory Preservation

Capturing every giggle and teardrop is crucial because let’s face it, photos and films are the post-wedding treasures that last a lifetime. We want to make sure each snapshot is as clear and vibrant as the memories they’re preserving.

Lens and Camera Maintenance

Keep a handy little cleaning kit to ensure your lenses are smudge-free and your photos are crystal clear. Include microfiber cloths, lens cleaning solution, and a brush to whisk away any debris for that perfect shot. Plus, it’s always better to have too much memory than not enough, right? Bring extra memory cards to back up every click and capture. This way, you won’t miss a moment because of a full card.

Emergency Photo Ops

You never know when Mother Nature might act up or the best-laid plans go awry. Have a list of pretty indoor or sheltered locations in your back pocket for those just-in-case moments when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Sometimes, the unexpected gives way to the most memorable photos. Keep a list of creative photo and film ideas like fun props, quirky poses, or spontaneous group selfies to add a dash of uniqueness to your wedding album.

Preferred Photography and Film Vendor

Don’t let chance dictate the memories of your special day. Secure peace of mind and unrivaled quality with our expert photography and film vendor DG Visionaries, ensuring each smile and tear is immortalized with perfection. Capture the essence of your wedding day, free from worry about the unexpected, because we’ve got every angle covered.

Entertainment and Distraction

Just like your favorite romantic comedy, the entertainment at your wedding should have everyone feeling the love and tapping their toes. It’s that little sprinkle of magic that sets the mood and keeps smiles on faces all night long.

Have a Plan B playlist at the ready. If the DJ encounters a hiccup or the band needs a break, you’ll want your favorite tunes lined up to fill the silence. Think of it as your musical safety net, ensuring the rhythm of the night goes uninterrupted.

When your guests aren’t dancing or mingling, consider having some entertainment options available to keep them engaged and entertained. Photo booths, lawn games, and even a caricature artist can add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the day.

Games and Activities

Your secret weapon, an entertainment kit, stashed with fun things like trivia cards, disposable cameras, and even some board games. It’ll be like your fairy godmother in a box, ready to sprinkle a dash of playfulness whenever you need it most.

Don’t let a dull moment sneak into your festivities! Keep your guests’ spirits high with ice-breaker games or a booth of silly, sweet nothings designed to get people giggling and mingling.

Elevate your wedding day with a touch of playful charm by incorporating games and activities at our serene and idyllic venue in Indiana, The Sixpence. Delight and surprise your guests with enchanting diversions that create a mix of laughter and shared memories. Join the fun at The Sixpence and let the games begin—a perfect complement to a day brimming with love.


When it comes to wedding transportation, it’s all about riding in style and making sure you’ve got the “just in case” covered.

Navigating your big day means more than just getting from point A to point B, it’s about cruising with confidence. So, let’s pack a little peace of mind, shall we?

Stash in your limo (or getaway car) a wedding emergency kit that’s more than just your average toolbox. Think fashion tape, stain remover, extra lipstick, and, yes, a few tools for any vehicular surprises. But just in case your pumpkin ride hits a snag, line up a cute taxi number or a ride-share app ready to whisk you away. Being ready for the off-chance oopsie saves any pumpkin-related panic.

Logistics and Timing

Let’s keep your wedding day as punctual as it is perfect. With a sprinkle of organization and a dash of foresight, you’ll have time on your side.

Work out a timeline that’s tighter than your best dance number. Coordinate with drivers, map out pick-up times, and consider traffic to ensure your party is exactly where it needs to be when it needs to be there

Delays happen, but they don’t have to ruffle your feathers or your veil. Have a plan with extra buffer time, communicate with your transportation team about backup routes, and keep a cool head. Like a true leading lady, you’ll handle any hiccups with grace and style.

Kids and Pets

Let’s talk about keeping those mini-me’s and furry besties happy on your big day because, as we all know, a peaceful child and pet equals a peaceful bride. If your fur baby is making the guest list, a bit of planning will go a long way in keeping tails wagging.

Here at The Sixpence, you will have those adorable pets to look sharp and stay smiling.

Just as you have a wedding day emergency kit, consider one for your pet as well. Pack a little go-bag for each child with essentials that might tackle any mini-meltdowns or spills. Think wet wipes, band-aids, and some age-appropriate distractions like coloring books or small toys to keep the little darlings entertained.

Also, set up a special corner just for the kiddos with games, puzzles, and maybe even their mini-dance floor. Having designated activities not only keeps them engaged but also lets the grown-ups enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

Post-Ceremony Emergencies

Alright, lovely brides-to-be, as much as we hope everything goes off without a hitch, let’s chat about navigating potential hiccups with grace and a smidge of sass at the reception, and of course, rounding things off smoothly post-wedding.

So let’s be real about keeping your cool when things get a little less than perfect.

Here’s the deal: your guests are there to celebrate, but sometimes they need a little… guidance. Whether it’s a well-timed nudge to the dance floor, a quiet word to an overenthusiastic toast-maker, or simply making sure Uncle Bob stays hydrated (and maybe a bit less liquored up), smooth guest interactions are key. Assign a trusted bridesmaid or a day-of coordinator to keep the vibes chill and the party on track.

A sweet escape, coming right up! Let’s make that transition from the reception to your next adventure as seamless as your wedding gown.

Honeymoon Travel Kit

For the lovebirds jetting off right after the “I dos,” prep an on-the-go honeymoon kit. Pack it with travel-sized essentials, copies of your IDs, passports, and travel docs, plus some comfy neck pillows—because, darling, first-class comfort is a must, no matter your seat number.

Overnight Essentials

For those staying the night or leaving the next day, remember to have a bag of overnight essentials. Extra makeup wipes for the post-party cleanup, cozy PJs for snuggling up with your new spouse, and chargers—because nothing’s worse than waking up to a dead phone when you’ve got a million “congrats” texts to reply to. Keep it handy, so you can end your big day with ease and start your first morning as a married couple just right.

So, What Will You Pack in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

Remember to delegate someone to be in charge of the wedding day emergency kit so it’s readily available when needed. With a little preparation, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need to handle any unexpected situations on your special day. 

So go ahead and pack that wedding day emergency kit with confidence and let us cheer for a smooth and unforgettable wedding day. The Sixpence team is rooting for you! Cheers to love, happiness, and a stress-free wedding day. Happy planning!  We’ve got your back.

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