December 30, 2022

A New Years Note from Shelby


I love the New Years holiday – always have. The world slows for a moment, and I feel in my bones this collective breath of reflection. The end of a calendar year calls for a summation and celebration and then for resolve and declaration. This happens on a personal level and on a professional level, and it certainly looks different for everyone. As I sat in reflection this week, it occurred to me the intertwining of both work and personal that will always remain at some level in my world, but existed so dynamically this year for Seth and I. 

It all feels kismet as I look back at the journey Seth and I have taken since we met – how deeply our love story has been intertwined with the building of The Sixpence. How every step in our professional journey has been matched similarly by our own personal relationship, growth and love. 

Getting engaged the day before our Grand Opening and then saying “I do” in 2022, our first full year at The Sixpence, was a blessing and provided such a unique and singular perspective. And even more than that, it just felt incredibly natural and joy-filled, like I didn’t even realize when it was happening step for step. We got to plan, laugh, cry, banter, and toast our love right alongside yours this year. How profoundly special. 

And so as I sum up and celebrate 2022 – I remember fondly the ways my team, my family and this entire Sixpence community celebrated Seth and I, cared for us and loved on us in our engagement/newlywed season. And I find so much joy in the fact that I got to do the same for you and your love stories. It’s like when all your friends get engaged and married at the same time – it’s beautiful, full, joyful. That’s what 2022 was like for me – an extended party, all year long. 

And then, as I resolve and declare intentions (both personal and professional) for this next year, I find peace in knowing that when you get to do what you love for work – that it’s all blissfully wrapped up together and I get to learn + grow while I support + celebrate all of you. What an honor. If you are celebrating your first Christmas and New Years as a married couple, know that I’m thinking of you today.

You know that episode of The Office when Andy says “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good ole days before you actually left them…?” 

Well, I am and I do.

Happiest New Year. 

– Shelby, Seth and Hippo.

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