September 23, 2022

2 Years Ago, Today


Today we’re celebrating a mile marker that may seem small, but is pretty monumental for us.

2 years ago today, we officially announced The Sixpence Wedding + Event Space. Our brand new Instagram page showcased a drawing of The Barn, yet to be built.

The conception and planning for The Sixpence project stretched back years before this announcement, but making our first foray into the public was a big deal! Like sharing an idea you’ve been preciously molding and refining for the first time with a close friend – except this idea involved an 8,000 sq. ft. building project, (eventually) a full staff, and all the responsibilities and expectations of hosting couples’ wedding days!

We’ll never forget that uncertain and exciting time where we began connecting with talented professionals in our area, planting seeds that would go on to blossom into incredible and valuable partnerships. In October of 2020, we began giving tours of The Sixpence property – 17 beautiful acres of property and “The Barn,” which was first just a rough plot of land, then a large construction site, and eventually the bones of a beautiful building.

Incredibly, before the end of the 2020 year, our brand new books begin to boast rental reservations. Our hearts will forever hold a special place for the first couples to tour with us and see the vision. We described this magnificent celebration hall, and you (you know who you are) saw the dream, and trusted us to deliver!

By the time we hosted the Grand Opening in June of 2021, we were awestruck, looking at a rapidly filling 2022 calendar.

photo by Macademic Media

It’s been such a blessing to watch The Sixpence journey unfold, and to feel the embrace of our incredible local community. More precious than anything, it has been a gift to be allowed to host so many stunning wedding days. The trust of our couples – from those who toured in 2020, to those who tour today, and choose to celebrate with The Sixpence – is something we will never take for granted.

As we consider today’s significance, we can’t help but look ahead – at the next 2 years. Our hearts race with excitement for what’s to come, never forgetting where we started.

Spring 2021
Spring 2022!

Thank you, for following our journey, coming to our open houses, and sharing your kind words about experiences at The Sixpence. Our facilities have been designed to host celebrations, and every day we have the opportunity to do so is a gift. Without you, a community that wants to come together and celebrate, The Sixpence just wouldn’t be what it is.

Here’s to 2 years since our announcement – and to many more wonderful years to come!

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