August 26, 2022

6 Tips for Your Special Day

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When it comes to prepping for your wedding day, so much of the planning happens far in advance, but today we wanted to share some tips specifically for the day of your celebration! These are small details that you’ll thank yourself to have buttoned up. Our list is compiled of recommendations from both couples and professionals!

  1. Double check your outfit details

Make sure you’ve acquired fitting undergarments and tested them out to ensure you can handle a full day and an evening of dancing! A recommendation from former brides: skip the sticky styles. 

  1. Print out vendor details + timeline

Go ahead and print a hard copy of your days’ details. While you should loop everyone relevant into an email with a digital version, it’s super helpful to have a print out to reference. This way, when wedding party members or professionals have questions day-of, you can point them to the hard copy and avoid texting and emailing files while getting ready!

  1. Pack smart!

Whether you’re leaving your reception to head straight to a hotel, the airport, or if you’re wrapping up the night with a late night trip to the bar with your wedding party, you need to pack accordingly. Here are a few items easy to forget that may come in handy: 

  • An extra pair of “just in case” shoes that still work with your dress. Check out these dreamy bridal heels for under $200!
  •  A cute “going away” outfit if you’d like to change out of your gown before getting in the car
  •  At least one comfortable lounge set you can slip into whenever + sneakers or sandals to pair
  • Your essential toiletry kit. Remember, you can always send someone to run to the store to buy a can of hairspray. When you pack, focus on items and products you may not be able to easily acquire otherwise! 
  • Special items that hold memories and meaning for you. Want to grab your mom’s vintage blazer to finish off your going away look? A copy of your grandparents’ wedding photo to include in your details flatlay? A bracelet from your maid of honor? These are the little pieces that can make your special day unique down to every detail.
  1. Bring cash for tips

Make a stop at the bank for cash tips for appropriate vendors. Need some help with who to tip & how much? Reference this comprehensive guide for tipping!

  1. Make a plan for gifts + leftovers

Before day-of, you should determine who will handle transporting gifts, reusable decor, and leftovers from the venue. When the evening wraps up, you’ll want to know that mom has the gifts in her car, the Maid of Honor has packed up decor, and leftovers are with you (you’ll be glad for that!) or whatever way you decide to divide tasks.

  1. Steam your dress + veil

You’ll of course want to steam your wedding day ensemble on the morning of, but you may want to do a once-over the night prior to ensure any big wrinkles are handled and get a feel for how quickly the material reacts to steam!

Bonus reminders: 

  • Hydrate! Have ice water by your side the week leading up to your wedding, and throughout your day. Remember that caffeinated drinks can dehydrate you – nothing is a good substitute for h2O!
  • Prep your playlists. If you have time, throw together a few playlists for memorable times your DJ won’t be covering, like getting ready with the girls or for the car when you leave your reception with your new spouse!
  • Lean on your planner. It is so important to work with a great planner/coordinator to handle all the big event details and allow you to focus on your personal details and needs. You should be thinking about what snacks you want in your bag, and writing a love letter to your person – not whether or not the DJ has been reminded of arrival time! 

When you’re getting ready to celebrate your wedding day, there are so many factors and variables swirling around. Our goal at The Sixpence is to equip you with resources that will ease your planning process and allow you to focus on what matters most: celebrating your love story.

Our Sixpence couples receive a booked couples pack, which outlines our preferred vendor list, FAQs, embellishments and bar menus, and so much more to ensure celebrating with us is a breeze!

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