August 4, 2022

A List of Musts Before Your Wedding Day


You can find tons of pre-wedding checklists online and during your wedding planning process. Today, however, we wanted to share a few recommendations for you to plan before you say “I do.” This list is made to help you soak up every moment leading up to your wedding – some fun, some functional – in true Sixpence fashion!

Brunch with the girls

Everyone loves a great bachelorette party – but we recommend something a little less on the wild side to ensure you get quality time with your girls before you go from Miss to Mrs! Plan a brunch with your bridesmaids, and friends who have been impactful throughout your pre-married life. A few of our favorite brunch spots include: Rosie’s Place, Auberge, Cafe Patachou, and Gallery Pastry Shop.

Pamper Yourself

Of course, nails and hair before wedding day are easy items to remember, but we recommend a massage and facial 1 month out from wedding day. Taking this time to pamper yourself is essential to calm your nerves and care for your body before an inevitably busy wedding week! Woodhouse Spa is our go-to for local and fabulous spa treatments.

Go Honeymoon Shopping 

Wedding day accessories are one thing, but don’t forget to take yourself on a little shopping trip specifically for your honeymoon! You don’t need to break the bank, but one or two date night dresses, a few fresh essentials, and destination-specific wardrobe essentials are something you’ll thank yourself for purchasing 2 or more months prior to your wedding! Some local boutiques we recommend checking out: Leslie Jane, Wild Feathers, Vintage Charm, and Pataya.

Break in Your Dancing Shoes

It’s tempting to keep your precious wedding day shoes safe in their box prior to your big day, but make sure you break them in and dodge sore feet and an uncomfortable walk down the aisle! Just slip them on for walking around the house, bring them to any pre-wedding dance classes you may schedule, and get a feel for them before you spend the entirety of your (long) wedding day in them!

Plan Food for Day of 

Sure, your caterer’s booked and rehearsal dinner planned – but don’t forget to plan for snacks and meals on wedding day! Our advice? Enjoy your wedding day food and snacks prior to the big day to ensure they settle well on your stomach, and suggest wedding party does the same. Usually safe picks? Charcuterie boards, nuts, simple sandwiches, and water or juice. We have seen too many brides forget to eat day of! Dinner can be a busy time, with photos and visiting guests – don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re light-headed or starving during your reception!

Create Your Photo List

Your photographer should request this, but the sooner you create it, the better, as it can be time consuming! You’ll also likely want to review it ~1 week out from wedding day to make any additions or edits. Your photographer will stick to this list, so make sure you include every combination of loved ones that’s important to you to have (i.e. if you want a newlyweds pic specifically with sets of grandparents, a bride picture with your sisters, a generational pic with grandmother, mom, and yourself, you’ll want to specifically include these bullet points on your photo list!) Another tip: if you have a photo from your parents’ wedding that you want to recreate, be sure to include this on your list and send the reference photo to your photographer!

Write Your Letters

If you plan to gift letters to your parents, new spouse, bridal party, or any other significant person, be sure to allocate time ~2 weeks out from wedding day. You don’t want to be cramming (and hand-cramping) the night before!

Pick Your Something Blue…

If you want the age old poem “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe” to be a part of your wedding day, be sure to plan in advance. We suggest putting these items together in a special box or bag, which leads to the next piece of advice:

Pack Your Details

Your photographer will want to snap photos of all your little wedding day bits and pieces, so we suggest putting these items together in a box for safekeeping, along with a list of everything that should be included. A starting point? Invitations, rings, ring box, shoes, jewelry, hair clips, perfume, and any special items that are significant to your relationship.

Prep Your DJ

Naturally, you’ll plan songs for seating, your walk down the aisle, and first dances, but we also suggest sending your DJ a “must play” and “do not play” list of songs. You should do this ~1 month in advance of wedding day to get it off your plate!

Situate Honeymoon Logistics

After selecting your honeymoon destination, you should ensure your travel and accommodations are confirmed, and any other details are situated. Some of these items may be relevant to you:

  • Confirm passports are up to date
  • Situate car rentals, train tickets arranged, etc.
  • Purchase new luggage if necessary
  • Coordinate or purchase new toiletries if necessary
  • Be sure to have all absolute essentials in a carry-on, in the worst case scenario that your checked luggage is delayed or lost
  • Book your dinner reservations, if possible, to avoid last minute scheduling

Plan Any Special Elements

Everyone’s wedding day is unique, and there will undoubtedly be elements that you want to include on your wedding day which you won’t find on any list. If you want to include a memorial table, plan for a moment after the ceremony for just you and your new spouse, have a first look with your grandparents, buy disposable cameras for the wedding party, or anything else that’s just uniquely you – don’t forget to give yourself some time to consider and plan!

This list is by no means exhaustive, but hopefully it brings to mind a thing or two you’d like to include on your wedding or pre-wedding planning list. Here at The Sixpence, we firmly believe your wedding should be beautifully and uniquely your own.

Here’s to you & your special day!

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