August 1, 2022

Something’s Blooming at The Sixpence

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At The Sixpence, we are constantly dreaming up new ideas and new ways to better support and inspire our couples, clients, and community.

When Lydia Keagan of Bluebell House Flowers reached out to us with a proposal in the fall of 2021, we were all ears. We’re always excited to grow our network of talented professionals and welcome new connections. The Sixpence team is continually looking at ways to expand, improve, and elevate the experience we offer, and that’s exactly what this new partnership with Bluebell House Flowers does: With plots of flowers scattered across our property from the lawn behind The Homestead to the back acreage lining our woods, and garden plantings all around The Barn at The Sixpence.


Lydia’s story starts as all good stories do, with passion. Her love for growing flowers spurred her desire to share the beautiful blooms, in the form of uniquely constructed bouquets. When her garden at home reached its limit of being able to support her growing needs, Lydia reached out to us to inquire about planting on The Sixpence property.

We took one look at her Instagram and our jaws dropped – these aren’t just your typical backyard blooms (though we truly see the beauty in every flower). Lydia plants flowers that are difficult to import well: like ranunculus, Colibri poppies, snapdragons, zinnias, and dahlias, to name a few. Other blooms you can find in her gardens include celosia, strawflower, zinnia, and a gorgeous array of rare cut flowers. We’re not sure what magic she’s planting these flowers with, or if it’s just the true love of gardening to thank, but these flowers are stunning, and Lydia’s ability to arrange them into gorgeous designs is just as impressive.

Lydia’s gardens yield a variety of rare and stunning blooms

If you’re celebrating at The Sixpence, consider working with Lydia to design dreamy floral decor. We think there’s something so special about walking down the aisle with a bouquet grown right here at The Sixpence, and designed by someone who has seen these blooms through the entire process, from planting to cutting. From newlywed photos in the floral fields, to the Bluebell House Flower-designed weddings yet to come, we are so excited to announce this partnership that has become so dear to us, and promises such beauty to come. 

If you’re interested in working with Lydia, visit our Bluebell House Flowers Partnership Page for more information and next steps.

Don’t forget to follow Bluebell House Flowers’ Instagram and attend our Market Morning Open House to meet Lydia and have her guide you through a DIY floral bouquet bar using her stunning flowers!

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