June 23, 2022

Celebrating 1 Year


It truly seems like just yesterday when our tiny team was preparing for our Grand Opening last summer. We were using the lift to hang every individual crystal on our custom chandeliers when we realized we were a whole crate of crystals short – just one of the millions of road bumps we encountered en route to opening our doors. 

The road has not always been smooth, but it has been incredibly beautiful. When we hosted our very first Open House, in November of 2020, guests came out to enjoy sips and bites in The Workshop and we gave tours through the empty plot of land upon which The Barn would be built. Shelby waved her arms in the air describing the high ceilings, huge windows, and custom chandeliers that now adorn our interior space but at the time were just a mental scrapbook of dreams. We vision-casted our hearts out and asked our couples to imagine and to trust us, and –here’s the wild and gorgeous part– they did. Couples booked The Sixpence and snapped photos on the construction site. We still host booked couples meetings, planning for weddings on the calendar this year, where the family hasn’t seen the space since it was just studs. We get to welcome them inside our space, the home that is The Sixpence, and watch their eyes get wide and happy as they see that the dream has been brought to life. 

We keep our promises at The Sixpence. But there is absolutely no way we could have done it alone.

This year, on our first anniversary, the only thing our team can think of is the journey, lined with supporters and believers, that we took to get here. There’s a story behind every step of the way: every professional that offered their advice to our team as we were learning and planning, every couple that signed a contract before we painted our building or paved the parking lot, every friend and family member that jumped in to help us out during the early days. And now, we get to help host uniquely stunning events every weekend. Every new wedding or event in the books gets our collective heart racing all over again. Every evening we spend cleaning The Barn and setting up for the next event is a gift. And the road bumps? Oh, you better believe there are still plenty. We’d be crazy to think that the road led to some kind of golden plateau. No, we’re still climbing and building, re-assessing and re-working our systems and procedures. That promise, to create a space where beauty meets functionality and every kind of wedding can be designed and hosted in its own unique beauty, is a promise that by nature requires constant learning and development by us. 

So we’re celebrating one incredible year under our belt, but we’re also celebrating the opportunities that are provided by making it this far. We can’t wait to do more and better for you – we’re hard at work ensuring that the promises we’ve made and continue to make are followed through upon, thoughtfully and purposefully.

Our team has grown, our network of friends and connections has expanded in every direction, and even our property is seeing changes: more beautiful blooming things are being planted across our landscape, the bridge to the promised wooded ceremony space is almost complete, we just extended The Homestead’s back patio and added a paved sidewalk. 

So, one overnighted box of crystals and a million priceless memories later, we’re all just where you’d expect us to be: still working to make our space the very best it can be.

Happy 1 year anniversary to The Sixpence and a massive thank you to all of our friends, our support system, every client who has hosted with us, and all of you who have followed our story. Here’s another promise: the future is bright, and we have so much more yet to come. The sun may set in stunning fashion every night on our property, but it will never set on our dreams of creating beautiful experiences for everyone who comes to The Sixpence Wedding + Event Space.

A few beautiful memories:

And just like that, The Sixpence Wedding + Event Space was in action!

Our first “I Do” – Natalie and Nick will forever be close to our heart, having booked prior to our Barn being built, trusting us to follow through on our promises. Their special day was The Sixpence’s very first wedding, and for that, we will always be grateful and honored! Photos by Amavi.

Floral dreamworld: Ciera and Cort’s wedding was one of our favorites. Watching The Barn be transformed into a blooming, gorgeous space (courtesy of Elsie’s Flower Shoppe) was such a treat! Photos by Mykal Bailey.

THANK YOU – for reading, for following our story, for celebrating with us, and for being the community that keeps us excited to do what we do.

With love,

The Sixpence Team

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