May 26, 2022

Tips from a Decorator


Let’s be honest: planning for your wedding can be overwhelming – from the big dollar items to the tiniest details – there’s a lot to coordinate, organize, and decide on! Our goal at The Sixpence is to do everything we can to make your day flow perfectly, and sometimes that means connecting you with the experts…

We have been beyond lucky to work with some amazing decorators here at The Sixpence, and we like to describe our space as a beautiful blank canvas for them to work their magic upon! Classic white interior with black fixtures means the The Barn has the ability to be completely transformed by florals, installations, and more! 

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Abigail from Sparkling Decor & More to give our community some insight and inspiration when it comes to table styling for your special day!

This moody, neutral table setting offers a perfect twist for a classic, traditional wedding. Black used to be a color you’d never see in a wedding, and we think that it’s so cool that now it is one of the most popular colors to accent with.
Abigail always suggests: Bright color is perfect for a small accent here and there, but stick with neutrals otherwise.
Pastels are another cool trend – these feel whimsical and light. Neon pastels are more modern, while traditional pastels are a bit more elegant. We absolutely love a table with extra texture. Texture can be created by mixing and matching centerpiece styles throughout a long table, ruffling your chiffon instead of stretching it, adding florals or doing something different with your napkins!
Abigail’s favorite for adding easy texture? Velvet napkins!
Long tables like this are showstoppers! Being able to work your decorations on a rectangular instead of round canvas gives a whole different level of elegance to your reception. We love trailing linens and florals to match, complemented by tall, scattered candlesticks. Hosting your guests on round tables? No worries, you can use this decor inspiration for your rectangular head tables!

Did you know: The Sixpence offers farmhouse tables for your guests as an embellishment option. You can seat all or some of your guests at these tables – swapping the included round tables or coordinating a combination of both table styles!
Layers are everything. This table is made complete with the layering of runners. Instead of the macrame runner, you could opt for greenery or cheesecloth. As long as something is added on top of the chiffon, the simple centerpieces will be enough to pull it all together!

Monochromatic weddings are very popular this year. Our layering tip is a small example of how you can use less color and still make the table itself look complete. When it comes to texture and layering, always go for it!
Spin it! This is another example of taking something simple and making it more pleasing to look at. Changing the chiffon to run diagonally creates a more abstract look for the table. “This is the perfect example of a table I would do that is a little more bold and colorful. Leaving the napkin on the plate leaves space for a menu or thank you card to sit atop of it.”
A lot of people love to dress up white linens to allow for a pop of color, but have you considered an inverted pop? An inverted pop would look like a nude linen with a white napkin. It is something different that adds another dimension of color. 

Abigail says: Exposed tapered candles are the epitome of elegance. We absolutely love the look, but most venues don’t allow open flame inside their space. If you’re still interested in this look, it can be made possible by Sparkling Decor & More’s battery operated taper candles. They look like the real thing, without the mess or safety risk!
Of course today’s couples want things to be pretty, but more importantly they want things to be functional. This centerpiece gives you both! Not only is it gorgeous, but it is functional for those who want to make a champagne toast while simultaneously adding color and height to the tablescape. 
When you have complex plate settings like this one, it is convenient to have a functional centerpiece. Once guests complete their champagne toasts, the middle space of the table is cleared and available for use.

Photos by Holly Lea Photography

We are forever impressed with how a space can be transformed and we hope these table styling ideas can be helpful to you this coming season. Whether you’re keeping things simple or going all out with decorations, your day will be one you’ll never forget!

Abigail on our space:

The Sixpence has got to be one of my favorite places to bring our decor, and it’s one of the most gorgeous properties I’ve ever seen. It’s homey yet spacious and it offers clean, modern lines that are easy to pair any kind of decor with. There are so many things you can do with this space and we love that- that’s why we offer a 10% discount to all of our Sixpence brides and grooms!

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