March 30, 2022

& A Sixpence in Your Shoe


Ever wonder where we got our name from? There’s a story there…

You’ve probably heard the saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” This list refers to the types of items a bride should wear on her wedding day for good luck. What you might not know is that the rhyme doesn’t end there, though the next line is often forgotten: “and a sixpence in your shoe.”  

Captured by: Amavi Luxury Wedding Studio

A sixpence, sometimes called a silver sixpence, is an old British coin worth – you guessed it – six pence (around 6 cents in American currency). The gift of a sixpence was meant to wish wealth and prosperity upon a bride on her wedding day. The tradition began in the 17th century as a part of a bride’s dowry, but, as time continued, it began to symbolize more of a good luck charm, most commonly worn in the left shoe of the bride on her wedding day. 

1st photo captured by: Holly Lea Photography | 2nd photo captured by: Sarah Elizabeth Photos | 3rd photo captured by: Amavi Luxury Wedding Studio

When deciding upon a name for this new venture: a multi-facility, multi-purpose event and wedding hosting space, we knew that it had to be special. The name we chose needed to be strong and meaningful, something easy to remember but that also left you wondering, “Is there a story here?” For those of you who don’t know, owner Shelby Henry was no stranger to the wedding scene prior to The Sixpence doors’ opening. Having established a boutique luxury wedding studio in West Palm Beach, Florida, she and her small team of talents have been capturing photo and video of couples’ special days for over 5 years. It was in Florida, on a late night of work, and maybe a few glasses of wine, that The Sixpence name was born.

We spent weeks (months?) creating documents, running lists, shared notes, of potential names. We tried to hack it: “Okay, breezy adjective, strong noun…” “No, what about compass direction, proper name?” – inspired by this, dismissed because of that – a million dead ends that, naturally, were just barriers to guide us in the right direction.

We pondered over the bridal poem. “Something Blue” – is that cute? Does it work? Is it too cute? Okay, what’s the rest of the poem… Wait, no – isn’t there one more line? (There is)

“And a Sixpence in your shoe.”

And there it was. Floating in the air between us, in a room full of friends who were half-listening, encouraging but not frantic like us as we realized – that’s the name. The Sixpence.

To us, the often-forgotten last line of the bridal poem symbolizes an investment and attention to detail that we at The Sixpence Wedding + Event Space feel is integral to hosting every wedding day. We gift every one of our couples a sixpence upon booking with us, as a token of our appreciation for their trust in us, and a physical representation of our promise to guide, support, and protect their vision of celebrating the day they say “I do.” We feel our team, space, and services represent that extra attention to detail – a cherry on top, a calming force, a good luck charm – a sixpence in your shoe. 

And as for the rest of the poem? Something old nods to continuity, an opportunity to wear a beloved grandmother’s necklace, stick a poem from your godmother in your pocket, or wear a hairpin from your mom. Something new represents optimism for the future – and is often the easiest box to check. Whether it’s your dress or your spouse – there are plenty of “new” elements on your special day! Something borrowed comes from the idea that borrowing a token from a happily married couple will impart a bit of good luck for your future; it also gives you the opportunity to honor someone or include something with sentimental value to you. Lastly, something blue represents love, purity, and fidelity, elements considered essential for a solid marriage. 

Captured by: Avery Louise Photography

Ultimately, beyond the superstitions and instructions, we like to think the bridal poem invites you to take a beat and consider the elements that naturally come together as you get ready to celebrate your vows. The sixpence may represent prosperity, but it’s also a token to ground you and remind you that the details are taken care of, and your job is to focus on what’s important and enjoy celebrating. We think it is a beautiful sentiment and want it to be a part of every wedding we are lucky enough to host and celebrate with, hence our name “The Sixpence.”

Sixpence bride Baylee’s ‘something blue’ was her beautiful mom, Tamme!

Captured by: Avery Louise Photography

Captured by: Amavi Luxury Wedding Studio

Our Sixpence team makes your joy a priority – we just love serving you and making your wedding day dreams a reality.

If you’re booked with us, know that we’re here for you every step along the journey, ready to support, solve, and CELEBRATE!

& If you’re looking for a space to say “I do,” book a private tour today to find out more about our packages, space, and services.

If you can dream it, we can host it.

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