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After seeing the need for a high-quality and well thought out venue in central Indiana, we created The Sixpence to host weddings and events with a wide range of aesthetics. 

Hey love, I’m Shelby, co-founder of The Sixpence.

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The details from any celebration create picture-perfect moments and memories that you and your guests will never forget. One of our favorite elements is offering signature cocktails. Whether you curate a unique beverage or choose a classic, this detail adds a distinctive charm to the day.

Signature Cocktail Favorites at The Sixpence


Picture this: a harmonious blend of excitement and sophistication, an event that seamlessly merges business goals with an atmosphere of enjoyment. Welcome to the world of small corporate event planning, where orchestrating an occasion is akin to conducting a symphony of fun and professionalism. These events serve as crucial junctures for team building, fostering valuable […]

Mastering the Art of Planning a Successful Small Corporate Event

Corporate + Social

Corporate events are the heart and soul of a thriving company culture! These fabulous gatherings bring employees, clients, and business partners together for an unforgettable time. It’s like a party where teams bond, laughter echoes, and memories are sprinkled all around. Making these corporate events extra special and bursting with excitement has a memorable effect […]

Elevating Your Corporate Events: Tips and Tricks for Creating a Memorable Experience

Corporate + Social

A thriving workplace culture is the bedrock of success for any organization. When teams work cohesively due to team-building, their combined strengths amplify overall productivity and create an environment brimming with innovation and collaboration. To achieve this, effective team building is paramount. In this article, we will explore what are 7 team building strategies that […]

7 Proven Team-Building Strategies to Boost Your Workplace Culture


Hosting corporate events is a wonderful way to bring people together, celebrate special occasions, or foster meaningful connections. Events have the power to create memorable experiences and leave a lasting impact on clients.  You may find yourself asking “How much should I charge to host an event?” and it may seem daunting as deciding on […]

Deciding on the Right Price Point for Hosting an Event

Corporate + Social

Team-building activities are an integral part of fostering a cohesive and productive work environment. A team-building activity is designed to strengthen relationships, improve communication, and enhance collaboration among team members. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of team-building activities in the workplace and provide insights on what is the best team-building activity […]

Bonding Beyond the Boardroom: Finding the Best Team-Building Activity

Corporate + Social

In the fast-paced world of business, fostering a cohesive and productive work environment is more crucial than ever. While individual skills and expertise are important, the real magic happens when a team comes together, communicates effectively, and collaborates seamlessly. That’s where team-building activities come into play. These activities are not just about having a good […]

Understanding the 4 Main Types of Team-Building Activities

Corporate + Social

Corporate events are the perfect occasions for team-building, networking, and celebrating successes. That is why scouting and finding the perfect corporate event venue or rental space spells the success of your event. It is the difference between a so-so event and an event that is truly memorable for all the right reasons. To make your […]

10 Tips For Choosing The Right Corporate Event Rental Space

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